Elevating the green transition through knowledge, experience, and long-term partnerships. By drawing on decades of expertise from the Oil & Gas industry and applying this to de-risk and mature geothermal and CCS projects, we ensure safe, accurate processes and a better utilization of resources not only benefitting drilling operations, but all of us in the long run.


As a cornerstone of the climate strategy in both Denmark and the whole EU, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is finally being recognized as a feasible and cost-effective solution in accomplishing net-zero emissions in Europe by 2050. With 15 years of experience in the field, we leverage our expertise within subsurface geology, logistics, well engineering and drilling supervision. Deep understanding of carbon storage well delivery is required to provide complete life cycle services from project inception through design and engineering to the drilling and completion of wells.


In collaboration with GEOOP, Ross Energy offers comprehensive services along the entire value chain. We develop geothermal projects using standards and expertise gained from 30 years of industry experience, using the right tools to improve operations. SCALA calculates business cases and optimizes the evaluation of geothermal projects. We reduce six months of screening, to estimate the cost of thermal energy production of any project, saving customers hundreds of hours of data collection, while still making sure that projects are profitable, safe and sustainable.


By taking advantage of what the industry has taught us, we can facilitate the transition from black to green, without letting the resources of knowledge and technical skills go to waste.

Oil & Gas is where we come from. Our founding principle was to provide a unique well management service comprised of planning, and engineering, and to provide on-site management in the execution phase of a drilling project. We cover the full life cycle of any well project, providing cost-effective solutions and standard compliance that guarantee adequate well design and well integrity to avoid lost production and costly repairs.


We strive to make our knowledge available to the industry, so it can do its best. We view education as a pillar in the green transition, making sure that drillers and operators have the best possible prerequisites to do their work. As part of our effort to elevate the industry, we have acquired the world leading Malaga Drilling School, which offers weekly Well Control Certificates as well as Copenhagen Drilling School offering and virtual certification. Well informed operations are an important step towards more sustainable efforts in the industry.


Ross Energy believes that a single individual can make a significant change for others. That is why we like to support the drive that lies behind extraordinary achievements. Every day we strive to better the energy sector. It inspires us to see a similar drive unfold in other fields such as sports, arts, and education.

Our future needs passion, hard work and strong beliefs. It needs teamwork and the will to push on further even when things seem impossible. We believe that supporting people who embody these qualities benefits us all.


Ross Energy is a full-service well management and subsurface company with over 30 years in the industry and respectively 20 and 15 years of geothermal and CCS experience. We oversee the planning and development of subsurface projects, and execute the design, construction, completion, testing and operation of geothermal, wind logistics, CCS and Oil & Gas wells.

Ross Energy is second to none in well delivery, providing both project management and facilitation. Drawing on know-how of the practical aspects of drilling including logistics, site planning and applications and permitting, we provide customers with in-depth knowledge of the process flow, ensuring efficient execution of well projects and the optimal solutions for energy companies.

Our strongest asset is our people and their combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. We pride ourselves on our dedicated team and clients and our widespread network.


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