Ross Energy is now back from two enlightening days last week at the ReBuild Ukraine exhibition in Warsaw. An impressive 30 Danish companies, a total of 304 exhibitors from around the world and local municipal communities gathered to help Ukraine with large-scale recovery projects and rebuilding solutions. Together we explored new perspectives on collaboration between energy infrastructure suppliers and stakeholders.

When asked about the importance of the exhibition Ross Energy’s CEO Lars Andersen said:  
Well, you could see it as a fresh start for Ukraine if you look away from the fatalities for a minute. Ukraine will have the opportunity to rebuild its country by implementing smart and CO2-efficient solutions creating and building a modern society on modern technologies.

And what importance did the attendance have for Ross Energy?
We found ourselves surrounded by a lot of field-leading companies, which were innovative and inspiring to share ideas and discuss solutions with. Rebuild Ukraine has unified many companies, all with the common goal to elevate Ukraine through their knowledge. A secondary benefit has been networking with new possible partnerships for future business ideas. I was especially excited by an interesting software we were introduced to, that can help us in our future AI journey and digital presence.

Being at an exhibition like ReBuild Ukraine also comes down to having one’s finger on the pulse. At this exhibition, we were surrounded by some of the latest and most modern solutions and technologies. There is a lot more to learn, and it is important to stay updated.
What did you learn about, how Ross Energy can contribute to rebuilding Ukraine?

First, it’s important to learn about the needs of people in war to understand how we’re able to help and contribute best as possible. We’ve come to know that Geothermal solutions probably aren’t first on the people of Ukraine’s list to solve post-war, in the future however, based on the feedback we’ve gotten, we can contribute with our skills to building a sustainable subsurface infrastructure, with the aim to benefit the people of Ukraine long term.


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1. december 2023
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