This November Claus and I passed the 27th anniversary as special drilling trainees at Maersk Drilling. Being colleagues in Maersk soon turned into a strong friendship and only a few years after our first meeting, we founded Ross DK and have since then executed projects within the geothermal and Oil & Gas industry.  

 Today we mark yet a milestone, as we set sails with a new name and identity as ROSS ENERGY. We have a heightened focus on elevating the green transition through mobilizing the experience we have gained from working with Oil and Gas – an industry that works so well and effectively   due to professionalism, scalable practices and well-defined financial structure. 

 We see three main drivers for elevated sustainable efforts: knowledge, experience and long-term partnerships. 

 Knowledge is the leading objective behind our acquisition of the epic Malaga Drilling School, which offers Well Control Certificates every week. Later this year we will introduce a new range of educational courses as part of our strategy to elevate the industry through knowledge.  

Our long-term partnerships are still going strong. Firstly, with Ross Offshore Norway, but also as the operator for GEOOP (E.ON) for a range of geothermal projects across Europe. This  week we will announce a new and exciting partnership that puts ROSS ENERGY on the map for large scale onshore CCS.  

Lastly, based on our experience, we have introduced a productification of drilling processes, which will set new industry standards for both geothermal and CCS operations. 

Luckily, Claus and I are still a solid team, and we are grateful to take part in this transition with ambitious and great people that work together with us in ROSS ENERGY.  

Ross Energy’s mission is to elevate the green energy transition through knowledge, experience and long-term partnerships 


For one of our clients we are seeking a LCI engineer investment projects

1. december 2023

For one of our clients we are seeking a Civil engineer

1. december 2023
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